Samantha Steiner

  • Samantha is our Speech-Language Pathologist who serves the Sumter area.  Samantha received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2009 from Idaho State University. She furthered her education at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas with a Master of Arts in Speech Language Pathology in 2012. Samantha considers articulation and phonological disorders as well as early language development and Autism Spectrum Disorders areas of specialty.


    Samantha shares, “I am amazed and inspired by the enthusiasm and energy kiddos display when they are learning new skills. I love watching them grow and learn, and I love supporting parents and caregivers as we help their child progress. I spend most of my workday playing and having fun, while helping children gain skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.” Samantha sought out the Sprout Pediatrics team because she saw it was made up of skilled individuals that are truly concerned with the needs of patients and their families. She says, “It is wonderful to have team members from various disciplines that can work together to maximize our patients’ potential gains.”


    Samantha and her husband, JR, have been married for 8 years. They have a 3 year old daughter, an 18 month old son, and a 9 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd.

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